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Your Personal Planner

I provide services on either a fixed-fee or hourly basis. I don’t sell products, receive commissions, or charge based on percentage of assets. I believe this is the most objective and prudent way to provide and receive financial advice. 

As a fiduciary, my interest is your  best interest.

What Makes Fialkow Financial Planning Different

Transparency icon Fialkow Financial Planning West Palm Beach, FL


The highest quality and care in planning and advice provided on a fixed fee or hourly as-needed basis. No hidden fees or other forms of compensation. 

Holistic Approach icon Fialkow Financial Planning West Palm Beach, FL

Holistic Approach

A broad view of your financial life and attitudes are considered in developing your plan. Wealth is defined as what is most important to you. 

No Product Sales icon Fialkow Financial Planning

No Product Sales

We are process based and provide knowledge and expertise in developing a plan that is in your best interest, and then assist in implementation. 

Clarity icon Fialkow Financial Planning


You’ll know where you stand financially and what actions will provide you the greatest opportunity of reaching your goals. Straight talk and clear action plans.

Accessibility icon Fialkow Financial Planning


No minimum asset or net worth requirements. We believe everyone should have access to quality planning.

Who We Work With


Fialkow Financial Planning works with Young Families

Young Families

“What should we be doing to build a solid foundation?”


Fialkow Financial Planning works with Mid-Career Professionals


“College Savings, Retirement Savings, Our Aging Parents, how do we prioritize?”


Fialkow Financial Planning works with Pre-Retirement individuals


“When can we retire and not outlive our money?”

Fialkow Financial Planning works with individuals in Retirement


“So many decisions….when to take social security, RMD’s, Tax implications, capital preservation…”