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Our Interest Is Your  Best Interest

Because Everyone Needs a Plan

Ira Fialkow, CFP - Financial Planner West Palm Beach, FL

Ira Fialkow CFP® RICP®

Financial planning has been my calling since my late 20’s.

After graduating with an accounting degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1985, I was given the book The Richest Man in Babylon as a gift from my mother. It sat on my bookshelf for a year unopened until one day when I was going over my finances, I realized that despite earning a good living, I wasn’t exactly getting ahead. I cracked open the book and the light went on when I read the hand-written inscription “It’s not what you make, it's what you keep.” I started reading and quickly became obsessed with learning everything I could regarding financial planning and while it was not my career, it was my passion.

It's not what you make, it’s what you keep.

This passion, knowledge, and my life experiences, are a big part of Fialkow Financial Planning. During my career as a CPA, corporate executive, and founder of a startup company, I have been a “go-to” resource for friends and colleagues looking for objective financial advice. Helping people with their financial matters was gratifying and I spent my time studying and learning all I could about financial planning. As a volunteer with SHINE, providing the elderly with one-on-one financial counseling, I realized that now was the right time for me to fully devote myself to assisting others with their finances to help them achieve financial security. 

I decided to formalize my education by going back to school. I completed the financial planning educational curriculum at Florida Atlantic University and went on to pass the Certified Financial Planner™ certificate examination.  I started my fee-only financial planning practice because I am passionate about helping others improve their financial lives.

While I grew up on Long Island, I have lived in South Florida for over 35 years. It was in accounting classes that I met my wife Kim, a Lake Worth, Florida native. We’ve been together ever since. We have a son, David, who graduated Suncoast High School, received his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College and is currently attending the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University pursuing his MBA. 

My vision for Fialkow Financial Planning is to provide high quality accessible financial advice to people from all walks of life and income levels without the need to sell products, take assets under management for a fee, or require minimum asset or net worth levels. I proudly embrace my fiduciary responsibility.

Think of me as your personal financial mentor and coach. We can walk the path together and avoid the pitfalls on your way to financial security and freedom for you and your family.

Ira Fialkow




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