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Resources for a Successful Financial Future


What is financial planning?
What is a financial planner or advisor?
What is a fiduciary?
What is fee-only financial planning and investment advice and why should it be important to me?
What if I need to obtain financial or insurance products?
My spouse and I are just beginning to build for our future There is so much to learn! We need help and guidance to get started. Will you accept us as clients?
Do I have to have lots of money to use you as an advisor?
Who benefits from your service?
I have already accumulated assets and I think I am doing well. But things are getting more complicated. I want to be sure I am on the right track. Can you help me?
I am responsible for the retirement and employee benefits at my company and want to increase the number of employees participating in the benefit programs. How can you help me?
What type of securities do you provide advice for?
If I use Fialkow Financial Planning for financial planning For investment advice, am I obligated to use the recommended products?
What is your investment philosophy?
How do you select investments for a client?
How do you price your financial planning services?
How much will my financial planning cost?
How can I get started?